Monday, October 17, 2011

A wonderful weekend

My weekend away was just great.  I worked on Friday, which was no hardship at all with the people I met.  And then on Saturday and Sunday I spent time with my wonderful friends and family.  Some highlights from the weekend.

I went to Te Papa specifically to see the Toi Te Papa exhibition, and got distracted on the way by this little gallery about Vogue magazine in New Zealand.

I love the colour of  this 1960's dress, featured in Vogue
This dress was made by a young woman in the 1960's using a Vogue pattern from the magazine.  You could even get labels to sew into your finished outfit.

I love the detail on the bodice, its just so beautiful.

After I was finished looking at art (for as long as I wanted, without small people asking questions every five seconds or running up and down the gallery), I wandered through to Cuba Mall with my friends, and we had an iced chocolate at the Mr Bun there.

As I walked further up Cuba Street, I stopped into a little shop that sold hand made clothing, on the off chance that they might have some vintage patterns.  Boy was I right.  I bought two patterns for $2 each.

The first was Simplicity 7226, which appears to never have been used.

The second was Vogue 1354  Its from the early 1960s, I'm so excited to have such a great vintage pattern in my collection to work with.  I think there were some patterns there that were even older, all for $2.  I'll definitely be visiting there again.


  1. Was great to see you!
    What is the shop you went into? I've been looking at vintage styles and thinking about making myself a dress.

  2. I don't remember the name of the shop! Its on the corner of Cuba St and the bypass on the left hand side as you go up


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