Monday, October 10, 2011

More mama pads

My project last week was really successful.  I whipped up a few more mama pads.  They are a seriously fast and easy project.  It wasn't all plain sailing though.  My overlocker apparently doesn't like to over lock several thick layers of fabric, and getting around the curves was a little tricky.  By contrast when I used my sewing machine for the finishing, it sewed through the layers like a hot knife through butter.

These have wings (snaps to be attached when I get some more), and are about four layers of bamboo fleece.  I find bamboo fantastic for these because they are so absorbent, but cotton would work as well.  I cut the hourglass shape of the pad out first, and then cut the wing shape out of two layers of PUL.  Make sure that the wing piece is larger than the absorbent pad.  I over locked the absorbent pad together and then attached it to one layer of the PUL with two lines of stitching in the hopes that they will stay put and be comfortable.  I then over locked all the way around the PUL to create a nice finish.

I also did a couple of smaller mama pads.  These only have a couple of layers of cotton fleece, and are smaller in size to round out my collection.

This was a very satisfying project.  Its a really easy beginner project, and there are heaps of patterns and tutorials out there.  You don't need any special fabrics (although if you have cloth nappy materials they are helpful).  Give them a go, just think of all the savings you'll make over your lifetime.

Cloth pad tutorial - Natural Suburbia
Jan Andrea's pattern
Directory of other cloth mama pads
My previous posts here and here

Are you inspired? Or does the whole idea just gross you out?

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