Monday, May 20, 2013

Woman's shirt

From this

To this.

During my big spending spree at the Hospice shop recently, I got two men's shirts with the idea that I would upcycle them into a couple of work shirts for me.  And I'm pleased to say that it went really well.

I used my trusty Simplicity 9502 pattern but this time I cut the front and back on the fold rather than having centre front and back seams.  I wanted to keep the collar and placket intact, so I cut up the shirt's side seams, and placed the shoulder seams so that they would line up.  Then I cut around the pattern pieces, but left the shoulders intact, so that the whole collar remained in one piece.
I bound the edges with homemade bias binding - more on my new found love of bias binding in another post.

And ended up with some funky pocket detailing.

The pattern is still a little bit big for me, but I quite like the relaxed fit of the shirt.

The cost of the top? 50c, and I've still got another shirt to make.  Joining in with the Op Shop showoff today.  What's your favourite upcycle? Have you tried adult garments before?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

More sewing

Or, the return of Simplicity 9505.  

My project this week is some selfish sewing, using some clothes that I picked up at the Hospice Shop.  You can't go wrong with 7 items of clothing for $3.50, and so far I am very happy with how my sewing is going.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Soft squishy knitting love

I've finished C's dress for her birthday, and I love it! It isn't blocked yet, and the yarn isn't quite as green as it looks in the picture but you get the idea.
 I used the Eli dress pattern, but with the sizing modifications set out in the Autumn leaves cardigan, and it seems like it will fit C for her birthday.  It is a little shorter than the pattern called for, because I ended up playing yardage chicken with the variegated yarn.  I also didn't do the rib pattern on the bottom of the skirt, because I didn't particularly like it.  I had intended to mirror the leaf pattern at the bottom, but my yardage issues put paid to that, so the skirt is plain.

The yarn was dyed for me some years ago by the very talented Hannah of Red Riding Hood Yarns, and it so soft and lovely to feel.  I really love the colours, but by holding the variegated yarn double its created more of a flecked look rather than producing some runs of the complementary colours.  I almost wish I had knitted it single, which is a sign that I must really love the colourway.

Overall I am extremely happy with it, and I'm knitting a little headband to use up the last of the yarn.

Joining up with FO Friday, and Creative Friday tonight.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Well I have been back at work for a week now, and on the one hand its going really well.  It feels a bit like I've never been away, I'm really enjoying the challenges of work and feeling like I am making a difference both within my organisation and the wider community.  On the other hand though, my return to work has thrown the rhythm of our lives completely out.  I know we will find a new rhythm soon, but in the meantime it feels a bit like I am flailing around when I'm not at work.

So I will hopefully update this space in a more regular way soon, especially since I have some crafty goodness to share, but it may be some time before that happens.  I'm still happy that I have returned to work, so its just a matter of time to create a new family rhythm.
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