Monday, November 4, 2013

Baby shower gift

 One of J's kindy teachers has just gone on Maternity Leave with a (very unexpected) baby.  She is an amazing teacher and the entire community will miss her while she is away.  J's kindy - and our neighbourhood  - is in a very rough area, and she manages to be well respected, and well connected across the community here, which is no mean feat.

So as a little gift for her, I made a little baby doll.  The pattern is from Rhythm and Rhyme, and I've made it several times before.  They are such soft, squishy dolls, and really easy to make up.
Artistic shot from P - in which you can see my terrible sewing up of the bottom of the doll.  We were out at an appointment and I didn't have any red thread.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas crafting

 This year Father Christmas is going with a tried and tested winner.  Felt food.

Some chocolate chip cookies.  For time and effort, these are definitely a winner.  Quick to make and large enough to seem like some proper presents.

And some blueberries (unfortunately garishly blue since I didn't have any really dark blue felt in my stash).  I'm still pretty happy with them.

Admittedly I would be much happier about my Christmas efforts if this wasn't the only thing I had made and its already November, but its a start.

What Christmas gifts are you making this year? And have you started?
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