Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pirorohu Vest Pattern

Close up of the bee stitch on the body of the vest

 So I have finally published another knitting pattern.  This one is for a little 4 ply vest, done mostly in bee stitch.  This stitch works best in a verigated yarn, and mine is in 100purewool in Grenada.

The bee stitch keeps the knitting in the round from being too monotonous, and adds a lovely textural element to the vest.  The name of the vest - Pirorohu, means bumblebee in Maori and is of course, a reference to the stitch.

As with many of my other patterns, this has been test knit only sporadically, so there may be some mistakes in the pattern.  Please feel free to leave comments if anything is unclear.

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