Saturday, June 16, 2012

In case you've been wondering

What I've been up to lately.

Sorry, no baby news yet, but shouldn't be too much longer.  I've been making P some underwear.  A little while ago I mentioned that she didn't have that many pairs of undies, and we had a conversation about it.  It went a bit like this:
Me: You don't really have that many pairs of undies
P: You could make me some!
Me: I don't really have the right elastic, but I could make you some
P: It nearly my birthday, I could ask for some elastic to make undies.

I love that she immediately wanted me to make, rather than buy them.  And I have finally got around to making her a couple of pairs.  They are super easy to make and sew up really fast.  I used several different tutorials to make mine up, and I will put a tutorial together about how I did it once I've made a few more.

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  1. My daughter does that too, assuming I can just make her anything she needs. I must admit, I like stretching my creative skills to accommodate her.

    Happy weekend and thanks for your visit!


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