Saturday, October 30, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly

I can't believe that blogtober is over already.  This last week has really crept up on me.  So what has blogertoberfest meant for me?

The good: I have new followers and visitors (which is always nice), and I found a blog solely through blogtoberfest that I am now following and really enjoying.

The bad: I had intended to post about a couple of things that just didn't happen.  My knitting pattern remains unpublished (although at least finished).  And I did slip up on the posting everyday - extra points if you know which day it was.

The ugly: Blogging every day is actually quite hard and time consuming.  Deciding to take on blogtober a week after starting work, while still trying to keep up with my one project a week was, in retrospect, a mistake.  Why then did I not give up on blogging every day? I'm an all or nothing kind of woman.  If I decide to do something, then I will do it, regardless of how difficult it turns out to be.  Failure is simply not something I do.  (If you only needed to know one thing about me, this is it).

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