Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fairy tale yarn swap

My knitting group had our yarn swap last night, which was a fantastic evening.  I didn't take part this time because I have so much yarn already in my stash that I couldn't really justify joining.  At this point I would normally link to Sheryl's blog here because she often takes photos of our yarn swaps.  Unfortunately there was a camera malfunction, and there are no photos.  All the yarns were really well dyed and the gifts that went with them were lovely and really well thought out for the fairy tales.

In fact, Sheryl's blog shortly stitches is definitely worth a visit, lack of yarn swap photos notwithstanding.  She has some really nice patterns for sale, and lots of interesting posts, mostly about knitting (she's a bit of a knitting guru) and she's also involved with Blogtober.

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