Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday giveaway

I wasn't going to do any giveaways for blogtoberfest.  But then I remembered my slings, so here we go.
I have two pouch slings to give away.  Both are reversible and are lightweight cotton.

TO ENTER: Either leave a comment, or become a follower - I will draw one name from each of these.  So if you leave a comment and become a follower, you'll have two chances to win.

I'll announce a winner Tuesday next week.

Please note: These slings were made to my measurements, so they will fit someone tallish (5'8 or so) and slim.  If you are on the shorter or plumper side, I can't guarantee that they will fit you.


  1. Aren't you clever! And where are all the hoards of people entering your giveway?! They'll be along shortly I'm sure. I'm sadly on the tall as well as plump side so I don't one of your gorgeous slings would fit me, but I've some lovely friends and family due to have babies soon too :)

  2. so cute, I'll enter for my SIL she's slim although not tall but I could always make some adjustments!

  3. Very cute angela, Im already a follower :)

  4. following you now angela :) i know alot of people preggers at the mo so this would be a great gift x


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