Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A while ago I dyed some 4ply baby merino to knit some little vests for my friend who was having a baby. She didn't know what she was having, and I thought about knitting them up in white and then overdying them once she had the baby, but I wasn't sure it would look any good. So instead I used my trusty slow cooker technique. I used yellow food colouring and the wool came out looking amazing.
I then knitted up two little vests/singlets. The pattern is my own, based on a very simple rectangle shape. However, I didn't write down the variation that I created, so when I come to knit it again, I'm going to have to recreate it from memory.

My friend loved them because she had a winter baby and they were great to layer over other outfits. Its definitely a great option if you're looking to knit for a winter baby because they get heaps of wear out of them - they work in almost any weather, and are nice and easy to get on a newborn.

See, knitting and blogging - my project is going great guns.

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