Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So my computer and camera have made up. The first picture is a copy of a Van Gogh that I did with acrylic. As you can see, she has no feet - I hate drawing feet and hands. Most of my figures' arms end at their wrists. In all honesty this picture looks better in the photo than in reality. The colours are a little darker in real life.
I had every intention of mounting the Llama drawing in this second frame, but when I actually came to do it, I realised that the opening was too large. So instead I cut out some material and felt and stuck them onto the board to create some 'crafty' art. At some point in the future I may take it out and do something a little more 'art', but I only had the morning to knock something up, and several frames with the same style of artwork would probably look quite cool as well.

There will definitely be more art projects on the cards for me, now that I have rediscovered my love for art - I just need to buy the supplies.

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