Friday, August 27, 2010

And finally, because I have managed to do an amazing amount of sewing this week, I also made a top for J for Christmas as well.

I was going to make J another crossover top with a merino jersey that I cut down, but I decided to do this pattern instead.  I've made a few of these for P and it is just such a handy top.  It can be worn on its own in spring or autumn - or even cool summer day - and it can be layered under or over other tops in winter.

I got the idea for the ribbing from this tutorial and because I had some around the neck line I decided to appliqué on a little heart as well.  I used one of my biscuit cutters for the heart shape.  My top has slightly different sewing up instructions than the 90minute one, but its pretty much the same in all other respects.  I used the bottom of the jersey so I didn't have to hem it - it also makes the top a bit longer which is nice, because both my girls are tall for their age.  Instead of hemming the sleeves, which I always find a pain, I just did a tight zigzag in the white thread to match the ribbing.  This week was definitely a success.

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