Friday, August 27, 2010

I made some tails to go in P's dress up box.  Both fabrics are from my stash, one is a cat print, and the other some zebra print velour (I am aware that zebras don't actually have tails like this, consider it a zebra patterned cat tail instead).  They were really easy to make, just a rectangle of fabric that I stuffed with polyester fill.  I sewed a seam before I sewed on the velcro so that the fill didn't go all the way to the top.
The velcro is so that the tails can be attached to a belt or tie or even a belt loop on some pants.  I'm going to make a 'belt' of elastic so that P can interchange tails, or even wear more than one tail at once.

I also made some ears to match the cat tail.  I made the headband from some ribbing that I had.  The seam is not great because I had some issues figuring out that I couldn't sew both the long seam and the short one and still turn the ribbing in the right way.  Did I mention I've lost my unpick?

All in all, I'm very excited to see the dress up box in action.  Hopefully everything will fit P and she'll have hours of fun with it.  I realised that since we are going to my parents for Christmas this year we'll have to cart the suitcase in the car with us to the other side of the island, but it'll be worth it when she opens it.

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