Saturday, July 20, 2013

Success - of a sort

So my week of UFO sewing hasn't exactly been a success.  I did go through my UFO stash and throw out or give away most of the stuff in there.  But there still a few pieces that I really need to finish.  Unfortunately when moving all our stuff out to the Garage (and them moving some of it back in again), someone has misplaced my sewing needles.  So when I wanted to do some button sewing I couldn't.  A trip to the Hospice Shop and $2 later I had a little set of needles and I managed to complete one garment.

No, I don't mean the whole top.  Some months ago, P wanted me to sew this piece of rainbow yarn onto this top.  She taped it all down very carefully, I said I would sew it on, and promptly put it into my cupboard and forgot about it.  I showed her the finished product today, but she didn't seem terribly impressed.  Still, it is done and out of my cupboard.

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