Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy First Birthday

We went to my parents for the weekend of C's birthday, so we had a little party for her there.  She was very spoilt by all my family.  Its been a great first year, and it seems just yesterday that I was holding her little form in my arms.  I thought I'd feel a bit sad, since she is my last baby, but I don't really.  I do miss those newborn snuggles - the way they snuffle into you, and the little baby smell, but I'm looking forward to the next stage with our little cheeky chops.

 Ooohhh (its her favourite expression, often accompanied by a pointing finger).

 The birthday cake.  This ballerina has sat atop many other birthday cakes over the years - both mine, and my sisters.  J was very keen to bring it home, but I had to explain that it needed to stay with Nana.  J also said that she would have her birthday at my parents, so it may get the chance to grace some more cakes yet.

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