Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On my needles

My dress for C is progressing well, although it doesn't look that much like the pictures.  I think the problem is my decreasing - obviously my idiosyncratic knitting doesn't agree with the pattern.  One side of the leaves has holes where I have decreased, but the increase side does not.  I'm hoping blocking will iron out some of
the issues.
Also slightly problematic is where I joined in my second colour.  I joined it in where the pattern instructs you to start knitting the skirt.  This is actually a couple of rows too low, I should have joined it in where the pattern tells you to do the underarm section, so that the top colour ends with the seed stitch band.  Its not hugely noticeable though.  I'm really getting through the pattern so I think I will be definitely finished by July (I'm only half kidding about the slowness of my knitting.)

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