Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birthday presents - completed!

 I made some hair accessories for P for her birthday last week.  A couple of scrunchies with some floral material.  The one on the left is a matching scrunchie for Kiki, her doll.  There wasn't anything really hard about them - just some elastic encased in a tube of material.

 I also knitted a headband using some beautiful cotton that I picked up from the Hospice Shop over a year ago.  Its knitted flat, with a buttonhole lace pattern.  I blocked it while it was still on the needles, and then grafted the two ends together.  Its the first time I've blocked cotton, and it was really stiff, so hopefully it will hold its shape reasonably well - I am a little worried that it will curl over when its on her head.

Modeled by Cindy.  I even have plans to knit another headband for P if I get time.

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