Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Remarquable Junque giveaway

I was lucky enough to win the giveaway that Rhiannon over at Remarquable Junque ran last week.  I've never won anything from a blog before and I was super excited to see the package when I got home from work yesterday.  However, I was not as excited as P, who had been waiting for me all day to come home and open it.  And boy was it worth waiting for.

I got a whole tin filled with handcrafted goodness.  It came wrapped in a lovely pillow case, which I have been patting and thinking about what to do with it.  DH told me I could put a pillow in it (insert exasperated eye rolling here).

I received some very beautiful gift tags in a lovely fabric envelope.

A stunning brooch and necklace.  I'm not usually a brooch fan, but this is awesome.  You can see Rhiannon's post about it here.

A set of jeweled push pins with a little fabric rose to keep them on.

Some chocolatey treats - which J delighted in picking up and squealing (and at one point tried to eat them through the wrapper, she's a smarty that one).

But the piece de resistance was the gorgeous fishing game that P immediately claimed.  One of P's favourite games is to 'go fishing'.  She gets into the washing basket (her boat) and tries to catch things with a measuring tape.  I decided to make her a fishing game for her birthday since she is so into her fishing, and now she has one! It is the perfect gift for my fishing mad girl.
In the boat, all ready to go.
P was so keen on these fish that she took them to bed with her, and instead of DH reading her a book, she insisted he go fishing with her.  I feel very spoilt to have received such a lovely and well thought out package of goodies.  Thank you very much.  Head over to Remarquable Junque and check out all the lovely things that Rhiannon makes.


  1. So glad you liked it. The fishing game and balloon balls are usually a huge hit for preschool kids. I hope you figured out how to use the balloon ball, I forgot to write instructions on the card.

  2. I figured I put the balloon into the ball and blow it up? The giveaway is really amazing thanks.


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