Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Knitting success!

This week I managed to complete one little baby garment, and start a second.  I had forgotten how quickly newborn garments knit up.

This is a lovely garter stitch thing (I love garter stitch, its so much easier than stocking stitch) for one of the women I know who may be having a boy.
The green stripe at the top is an "I've run out of the custom dyed wool and need to finish this" stripe.  I really should have ripped it back and incorporated the green in a bit further down but I was on a mission to complete as many things as I could - and besides, when do I ever go back and do something again if I don't have to?

This is a little garment for my friend whose baby shower is this month.  The green is much more minty than it appears in this picture.  I wanted to dye some wool myself, but DH pointed out that I didn't really have the time (and he was right), so I bought this from Knitworld instead.  Its 4ply merino, and it feels lovely and soft.
The pattern is my own, which I will be putting up here once I have finished it.

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