Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dress for J

I had my wool out recently, and J demanded (I mean requested) that I knit her a dress.  I really like the Maxi Dress by Elena Nodel (ravelry link), although I am tempted by the Oriental Lily by Tikki as well.
 And she picked this yarn, surprise by PureWool.  There is only one problem.  I only have 100g of this in fingering weight which isn't enough to knit J a dress.  And its an unusual colourway, and Purewool has gone out of business, and PureWool isn't known for the consistency of colours across dye lots.
 So all in all, its a problematic situation.  Rather than casting about trying to find some more of the yarn I already have I have decided to dye some wool myself.  It obviously isn't going to look exactly the same, but at least I will get the right amount of yarn in the right ply.

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