Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yet another pullover top

 Once again, my trusty pullover top pattern has had another go around.  I made one for C for her birthday.  I even managed to get the sleeves out of the bottom of my jersey sleeves - totally hemming free top.

I used the tutorial from Made to add the pink around the neckline, but instead of cotton ribbing, I used some merino offcuts.  When I made this top for J, I found that the cotton rib was too heavy for the merino of the top, and it didn't sit quite right.  It also took much longer than the rest of the top to dry, so I figured that I could apply the same principle with the merino instead.

I really like the way it turned out.
I embellished the top with a couple of little merino stars as well.  I was a bit worried it would look too Christmassy (the top is much more green than the pictures look, the top one is the closest to the colour), but I think I've gotten away with it.

This is really the pattern that keeps on giving - quick, easy and really satisfying.  What's your favourite go to pattern?

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