Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wooden birthday fun

 My project this week was to get the last of C's birthday presents.  A project which went pretty much nowhere until today, when I had to go to the Hospice shop.  I needed to drop some stuff off, and it would be silly not to go inside and check out what was on offer, after all.

 And that is where I found this lovely wooden stacker for $2.  Its quite small, just the right size for a one year old.
C loves to try to put things together already, so I think this will be a real winner.  She loves to pull off her socks and try to put them back on, and she spent a good ten minutes trying to put some clothes on a barbie the other day.  She had no idea how to do it, but she was very focused on trying.

I'm really excited to give her all the birthday presents now, which is good since C turns 1 in less than a fortnight.

Joining up with Op Shop show off this week.

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