Friday, June 7, 2013

Sneak peek - and an embarrassing revelation about my sewing machine

 This is the front of my faux chenille blanket

 And the cotton flannel side.

I had these fabulous baby blankets my Mother in law gave me when J was born.  But they are too small for cot sheets, or for a wrap (especially for my 9lb newborns!).  So I decided to sew them into a blanket.  I'm about three quarters of the way there.

And now for the embarrassing part.  I went to use my sewing machine the other day to make C's merino top.  I found that the presser foot was not on the machine, thanks no doubt to J, who likes them to get together and go places, or play families etc.  I'd also just read a topic on Sew Mama Sew which described a walking foot.  I thought, what the heck I'll see if any of my feet match that description - and lo and behold one of them does.  I used it for both the pullover top, and the faux chenille blanket and it was fabulous.

So where does the embarrassment fit in? Well I've owned my machine for over 10 years, and I'd always assumed that it didn't have a walking foot because it was old, and walking feet seem to be 'extras', so I'd never really looked properly at my presser feet.  In that time, I have made a rather large number of things that would have benefited from it, including piles of nappies, and all those knitted fabric garments.  Oh well, at least I know what it is now right?

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