Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tablecloth skirt

 One of the UFOs hiding in my cupboard was this pink tablecloth that I bought from the Hospice Shop (for about $4 from memory).  I had always intended to make a circle skirt from it, but I just hadn't gotten around to it.  So this week I got stuck in.

As with my previous skirt I used this tutorial.  I would really recommend ironing your tablecloth when you're folding it if it is synthetic, because it can be seriously slippery.  And as you can see when the tutorial says to pin like crazy, I did.
Check out my awesome ruler.

And the finished skirt (sorry I don't have any full length photos since my tripod was the arm of my couch).

And the back.  You can just see one of the pleats that I put into the back of the skirt here (I'm hiding the other one with my hand).  There is a reason that I needed the pleats.  I measured my natural waist, and did all the maths correctly when I cut out the skirt.  And then I put in the zip and bound the top with my bias binding, and tried it on.  It was way too big.  Like slipping down my hips and if I wiggled it would fall off too big.  I can't figure out where I keep going wrong - this is the same problem I had last time.  So I put a couple of pleats into the back and now it fits fine.  I'm hoping that the fullness of the skirt will help to hide them.

I didn't put the zipper in all that well.

But check out my cool bias binding at the waist line.

And you can't have a full circle skirt without a sitting down, spread out shot.

Plus outtake.

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