Sunday, February 3, 2013


I've decided to make P the playmat for her birthday, even though she doesn't really need more toys.  Five is a bit of a milestone birthday, and I think she'll have plenty of opportunity to add to it.

So far I've felted the jerseys.  As with my previous experiences of felting, I struggled to felt them in the machine.  I think it would definitely be easier if I had a dryer.  As it was I had to wash them twice, and they are still not quite as well felted as I would like.  I also remembered a green jersey that I got for DH from the Hospice Shop some time ago so I hand felted that, it'll be interesting to see if that works better than using my washing machine (I added heaps of soap and some very hot water to my laundry tub, and then bashed the jersey with my rolling pin).  DH has never worn the jersey, and I'm hoping he doesn't notice that its missing at all.

I also drew up a plan to give myself a rough idea of how I want the playmat to look.

So far, the list of presents is
Felt playmat
Peg Dolls
Wooden animals
Hair accessories

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  1. I love the idea of a playmat, and think its nice she gets something new for her birthday.

    Oh, and I'm sure your DH won't notice the sweater...


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