Monday, February 18, 2013

Mermaid tails

Obviously this is not an Advent Calendar.  I'm beginning to think that there is some kind of Advent Calendar jinx at work here.  Last week P had a dress up day at kindy, and she wanted to be a mermaid.  So I drafted up a mermaid tail shape, and overlocked the two sides together.  I added a couple of straps with velcro to attach to the waist, and I had two mermaid tails (because I wasn't silly enough to make one for P and not J)

The tail in action.

I actually went to the Hospice shop and found some shiny fabric to use for the tails.  But I washed it and hung it on the line, and realised it was way too beautiful for mermaid tails and I squirreled it away before the girls saw it.  As it turned out I had the perfect fabric in my stash, the ripples in the fabric really brought the tails to life.  

Hopefully I can squeeze the advent calendar into my projects in the next few weeks, although usually when I squeeze things in it ends up with frustration and head banging and lying on the floor crying, but you know, this time will be alright.

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