Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christmas sewing

Well, I didn't complete as many things as I wanted to last week.  But I did manage to make a dress for P for Christmas.  And adapting the dress pattern was simple and there were hardly any problems.  I used the same pattern as for her birthday dress, in a size 3.  The dress is quite a loose fit, and I figured that the size 3 would still be fine for Christmas, and since I have done it in cotton, it won't matter if its a bit snugger, since she won't be wearing anything underneath it.  Rather than do the facings, I decided to line the dress.  It was all pretty straightforward until I overlocked the hem of the fabric and the lining together, and then couldn't turn the dress out the right way.  After a bit of unpicking I managed to turn the dress out the right way, and hem it correctly (even if its not the neatest hem in the world).

However, I didn't manage to sew up any of the smocks I intended to make.  We had a surprise visit from a friend, as well as a couple of other evening engagements which really ate up the time I would normally craft.  While finding the fabric for the smocks, I realised I was a bit short on solid colours.  But a quick trip to the Hospice Shop sorted that problem (4 pillowcases for 50c).

This post does have pictures to go with it, but I haven't had the opportunity to upload them.  So for the sake of moving forward, and actually posting the things I've done, I'll publish it as is, and hope for the chance to add photos later.

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