Monday, September 26, 2011

Smocks for Christmas

I finished two smocks for J for Christmas this week, and I'm really pleased with them.  Apologies for the poor photo quality, I had to take the photos at night with my not so fantastic digital camera.

I used this pattern, but again with seams, rather than all in one piece.  This was mostly because the fabric I used to make the smocks were all upcycled pillowcases, and so quite narrow.  As always, this is a really fast and easy sew, especially since I used my overlocker for all but the top stitching (that you can't see in my crappy photos anyway).  I am seriously considering worshipping my overlocker, I love it that much!

Smock one is a yellow flower print on one side

With white on the other (J looks great in white).

Close up of the yellow flowers.

The first smock I made exactly to the pattern, but once I had sewn it up, I realised that it was a little smaller than I wanted.  It will still fit J, but I don't think I'll get as much versatility out of it, so I lengthened the body of the pattern to make my second smock larger.  I am incredibly pleased with how this came out.

Smock two is also from a pillowcase, which had a lovely border pattern.  I really wanted it to go all the way around, but  there just wasn't enough width in the pillowcase.

Check out how well centred the pattern is (sorry you'll have to turn your heads).  I'm very pleased that I managed to get it so well (not always a given with me).

The other side is a plain apricot colour.
I really like it, but I am a bit worried that it will look a bit like a pillowcase once its on.  I hope it'll just look vintage and cool.  What do you think?

I also started knitting some toys for P for Christmas, so photos of those as I complete them.

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