Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Montessori activities

On our shelves this week are mostly activities that the girls have used before, with a couple of additions.  P kept asking to do some 'activities' so I think she is pleased her shelves are getting some good use again.  Once again Counting Coconuts provided a wealth of different and easy ideas.

Practical Life - Peg dinosaur
I found the instructions to make this Peg dinosaur and thought it would be exactly the kind of thing P would enjoy, since she loves dinosaurs.  However, we have recently started watching The Land before Time and P decided that actually she wanted a long necked dinosaur so she allowed me to give this activity to J.

The idea is to put all the pegs along the back of the dinosaur, making it a stegosaurus.  Its hard to see in the photos, but I durasealed over the top of the dinosaur to make it a bit more durable.

Sensorial - Felt shapes

 This is the same as last time.
Sensorial - Smelling bottles
When I went to get out some of the activities the girls had previously used, P asked for these specifically.  Both P and J love these smelling bottles, and this time when I showed P how they worked, she was able to match up the smells in the different bottles (she's nearly 3 1/2).  It was great to see the development in her abilities.

Language - 'P' basket

This contains all the things that were in it last time, all objects that start with the sound 'p'.  This time they are also joined by two lovely poi, made by my very good friend Kirsty for the girls.
Both P and J demanded that I show them how to use the poi (I am pretty useless at the poi, so I could only show them the very basics of how poi work, but they were satisfied enough to wander around the house randomly whacking themselves and other things with the poi).

Language - Dominoes
P has a beautiful set of dominoes that she got for her birthday, so I put them into a basket (for easy access), for her to use as a matching game, or to play with.

I've put these under language, because all the Montessori blogs I read have matching activities as a language one, although I'm not exactly sure why.

I really wanted to make some felt fractions, but I ran out of time, so maybe next time.

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