Monday, March 28, 2011

More montessori activities

My second round of Montessori activities is finished, and just like my first project, it was really easy to put everything together.  Of course it remains to be seen how P and J will like the activities, but I'll just have to wait for that one.
Maths - Number Wheel

This was an activity that I got in a swap a while ago, but we lost the original pegs, and P was a little young for it.  So I got hold of some small wooden pegs and drew numbers on them.  The idea is to match up the numbered pegs with the butterflies on the wheel.  P had a go at this, but wasn't particularly interested in making sure the numbers were right.

Sensorial - Sorting buttons
I bought a whole lot of buttons from my local $2 shop in a variety of colours, and put them on a tray with some containers.  The idea is for P and J to sort the buttons into their respective colours and then put them into a container.
J just likes to put them into the jars, which is fine, but I was surprised by how much P enjoyed sorting them into colours and then into containers.

Sensorial - Smelling bottles
I got the idea for these from here.  I only had 6 matching glass bottles, and I filled them with three matching pairs of smells.  I used peppermint, coconut and almond essense, which was from the supermarket.  Of course if you had essential oils you could use those.
I was really surprised by how difficult P found this activity.  I thought all three smells were fairly distinctive, but she really struggled to differentiate between them.

Practical Life - Open and close containers
I also found this activity on Counting Coconuts.  There are a variety of containers that have different kinds of fastenings.  I found all of these around the house.

Language - Pre writing printable
I found a free printable on kidssoup for P to trace over the dotted lines.  This is to improve her penmanship skills without actually learning letters, since I've already mentioned my unwillingness to teach her to read too early.

So that's what on P's shelves now.  We still have the fabric numbers out, and all the baskets/trays came from the Hospice Shop for $1 (that's $1 for ALL of them, not $1 each either!).

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