Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Circle skirt

Following on from my earlier skirt disappointment, I decided that I would make another skirt this week as well.  I dug out some old petticoat table cloths and decided to make this circle skirt.  After my disastrous measuring on the first skirt, I was extra careful to measure properly, and then followed the instructions meticulously.  Then I tried it on and it was far too large around my waist - as in, falling down if I didn't hold it up too large.  At this point there was much cursing and crying and then going to bed to think about the problem.

I decided to make a kind of faux waistband using the circle of fabric that I had already cut out.  This seemed to do the trick, and I now have a circle skirt that actually fits me.  Unfortunately the hem is wonky, which is probably the result of the waistband adding and stretching and altering that I had to do.

I am aware that this skirt is super ugly.  DH declared that he would never leave the house with me while I was wearing it.  I also think its ugly, but I think it goes past being super hideous into the territory of so bad its actually awesome.  And besides, most of looking good is about the confidence you feel when you wear the clothes, not the clothes themselves.

The best place to put the camera so you could all see my skirt endeavours was the kitchen bench - hence the incredibly awesome green kitchen (you'd think I'd have managed to close the cupboard door though).

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