Monday, March 21, 2011

Regional Bags and other Montessori stuff

My project this week is to create some more Montessori inspired resources for P and J.  One of the ideas that jumped out at me from Counting Coconuts was the Continent bags.  I love the way these bring a whole range of different learning experiences to a single topic.  However, it occurred to me that we live on a couple of islands in the middle of a very large ocean, and it just didn't seem right to lump ourselves in with big landmasses, so I have renamed these regional bags, because I think it better represents the content (and besides, who really wants to be associated with Australia anyway).  I had intended to focus on Oceania, since that is where we are, but P has been watching the Lion King for a while and is rather taken by all the animals, so I thought the best place to start this week would be with Africa.  I'll also be creating a few more baskets along similar themes as my last attempt.

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