Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pay it forward finished objects

Since my pay it forward gifts have been received I thought I had better reveal exactly what they are.  For Rhiannon from Remarkable Junque I made a labyrinth.  I found the instructions here.  Don't be put off by the list of materials, I didn't use the chalk or fabric adhesive.  I just drew lightly with a pen, and pinned the three layers of fabric together, and it worked fine.  I didn't bind the edges of the labyrinth, so that Rhiannon would be able to use it in any way she wanted to. 

For Heather at Over the top originals, I dyed some wool for her.  P was very insistent that it be yellow.  I was a little concerned, since yellow can be a bit divisive, but I'm so glad I did dye it this colour.  It came out so sunny and buttery that I almost didn't give it away.  Hopefully she finds some project for it.

The base wool is a 12ply from the Hospice Shop, and its really warm and hard wearing.
Special guest appearance by my work desk.

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  1. Hello :-) I just started following you - I love the idea of the cultural swap and pay it forward, lovely ideas!


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