Monday, July 4, 2011

Birthday top

I made J a pullover top for her birthday this week,and I am very pleased with my efforts.  Its the first time I successfully used the overlocker I was so kindly lent - well apart from breaking a (hopefully) non essential bit of it.  I know everyone raves about how much faster using an overlocker is, and I am totally sold.  It was so fast and easy.
My mother will be less than impressed when she sees that I have just overlocked the sleeves, rather than hemmed them.  I've mentioned before that I don't like hemming, right?

There was a lovely pattern running through the front of the jersey that I used to make J's top so I incorporated it into her top.
I also found a lovely wooden vehicle puzzle, that I am sure she will adore, from the Hospice Shop.  And here are the presents, all wrapped up with love and care by her big sister (who decided that I also needed a present and proceeded to wrap up my hairbrush for me - and I had to wait until she was ready to unwrap it.)

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