Monday, June 27, 2011

Winter Solstice celebration

We celebrated winter solstice this week, and it was a lovely experience.  P and J woke to find two sun finger puppets waiting for them at the breakfast table.

We lit some candles and the fire and spent the day without electric lighting.

And boy was it a Winter's day.

When the sun came out in the afternoon, we went for a winter solstice walk.

And splashed in some puddles.

It was really fun to develop a celebration that is unique to our family, and that will hopefully continue for many more years.  There were a couple of things that I wanted to do as part of the celebration that we didn't get the chance.  I wanted to plant some garlic in the garden (which is traditionally planted at Winter solstice and harvested at Summer solstice).  But it was so wet, we didn't manage it.  The other thing I thought would be a great Winter Solstice activity was to make a bird feeder, but again the weather was against us.

I think next year we will have a candlelit feast as well.

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  1. Oh sweet. We've done a lantern walk with our kids the past couple of years and it's been lovely. I like the candle idea though.


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