Wednesday, June 22, 2011

UFOs no more

My UFOs are now (mostly) FOs.  When I pulled out those few things that I hadn't finished, I was a bit surprised to see that many of them were just mending or alteration jobs that I hadn't gotten around to sewing.  They were really straightforward and quick little jobs, which made this week much more enjoyable.
I re elasticated a whole heap of J's nappies (I'd been putting this off since she is toilet training and I figured I'd wait until then to sort them all out, but DH 'suggested' that I do it now).  I made a little dress for P out of a top that my sister gave me that was too small, and I mended a pair of pyjama pants.

However, they weren't the only UFOs hiding in my cupboard.  There were two bags with cut out baby shoes in them.  I have documented my dislike of sewing these shoes on a couple of occasions, and true to form they remained steadfastly in their bags until yesterday when P demanded that I make some baby shoes, and how could I resist - or explain that actually Mummy was a bit afraid of the shoes.  They are still not entirely finished, but I am fast overcoming my fear of them.

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