Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Day skirt

 J had a red day at kindy today, and although we had some red tops, she didn't have anything to wear on her bottom half.  So we made a skirt out of a woolen jersey in my stash.  It was super simple to make.

 I just cut the jersey off under the arms to make a rectangle open at two ends.

Then I just zigzagged two strips of elastic to the top of the rectangle.  All the other seams are already finished, and the zigzag on the elastic should stop the top of the skirt from fraying too badly.

I had to use underwear elastic because that's all I had, but J didn't seem too worried about it.

 It certainly did the job for her Red day (in honour of Red Nose Day), and she wore it all afternoon.

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  1. You are going full steam ahead now, creating so many great things - so lovely to see each other bounce back again, and return to creativity.


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