Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birthday presents

My project this week is to start on some birthday presents for J.  I can't believe she is nearly four.  Where is all this time going, and how do I slow it down!

Anyway, enough freaking out about ageing, so far I have a few ideas for her presents:

  • Barbie clothes (I can knit some really fast right?)
  • Lego
  • Something pony/unicorn related
  • Maybe something musical?
Okay, so my ideas are still a little nascent, but they are at least a good start.  I might see what I can find on Ravelry and Pinterest.

While we are on the subject, have I confessed that I don't really like Pinterest? I get the point of it, but my mind doesn't really work the way that it is set up.  Maybe I am just getting old, and that technology is for the younger generation.  Back in my day, we just remembered where we saw the idea in the first place instead of pinning everything (insert zimmer frame shaking here).

Any other thoughts or ideas about 4 year old birthday ideas?

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