Friday, August 2, 2013

Losing my sewing mojo

I had completely lost my sewing mojo at the moment.  We had to pull everything out of the house to recarpet, and my sewing material has not yet returned from the bottomless pit that is our garage.  And if that wasn't enough to stop me in my tracks, the knowledge that every time I get the sewing machine out I will have to put it away immediately afterwards isn't very conducive to creativity either.  Plus I managed to organise my UFO shelf in the linen cupboard, and now I don't want to make it untidy in their either.  All of this rampant tidiness is so that we can put it on the market to sell.  So stressful and creativity killing when it comes to sewing.  However, there are still hand crafts.  So when I decide on J's birthday presents, and Christmas presents for all the girls, I suspect they will heavily feature knitted and embroidered gifts.  Unless the house sells really quickly of course, in which case I can bring out the sewing machine and sew with wild abandon.

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