Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthday present cheating

 Since I have come to my senses about P's birthday presents, I realised that there is no way I am going to be able to make her some little peg dolls to go with her felt playmat (that may or may not even be finished in time).  So I took a detour to the Hospice Shop on my way home from the supermarket today to pick up some little toys to go with the playmat.  Look away now if you have an aversion to plastic children's toys.

The Hospice Shop bags up little toys and you have to buy the whole bag to gcet what you want.  While this is good, because you don't have to sift through huge amounts of toys, its also a pain because I didn't want all the toys in the bag.  I came away with two $1.50 bags (so $3 worth in total).  They include a selection of small plastic dolls - including Cabbage Patch Dolls - does any one else remember these? And some little plastic babies.  I haven't yet put the babies in water so I don't know if they are the kind that change colours or not (I am totally showing my age here).

 I also got a miscellaneous collection of combs (you can never have too many), and a 'power' ring.

And the main reason I bought the bags, two my little ponies.  These will go down a treat with P with or without a playmat for them to canter on.  The rest of the toys in the bags have gone back to the Hospice Shop.

I'm joining up with The Op Shop show off today, over at Blackbird has spoken.  Check it out for other thrifty finds.

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  1. despite price rises in op-shops i think kids toys are still a bargain more often than not, case in point here. my little ponies are so expensive for such little things new. she'll love em (haven't met a little girl yet who didn't!). great to have you linking up x


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