Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baby gifts

Well, gifts anyway.  One of my friends is coming up for her daughter's 2nd birthday, and I really want to make her something for her present.  Something non plastic (even BPA free plastic), because I know she'll really appreciate it.  However, since she reads this blog I will have to be a little secret squirrel about it.

I'm also hoping to knit a couple of little snakes for my sister's second baby.  She's due in August, so that's enough time right? Although I had guests last night and I have lost my knitting mojo so seriously that I didn't even get my needles out - even though everyone else was knitting.

Ever lost all motivation to do something? How did you get it back?

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  1. Loosing motivation in what you're doing is part of being human, and not being a machine (thank heavens). Sometimes it is good to have time out from a craft or pursuit and rest. When I have times like this I find no help in looking at what others are doing - it makes me compare, and that's not good. A change of scenery is the best medicine - take up cooking desserts, riding a bike, weeding the garden, walking at dusk... and it won't be long till your artistic juices are flowing again-maybe in new areas! I love your knitted worm and the cotton headband-please keep producing!Cathy


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