Saturday, May 14, 2011

Woollen Singlet

As part of my winter sewing week I made myself a woollen singlet out of a jersey.  Like the baby hats, this was a really easy project.  Its a bit hard to see because its black, but I cut out the jersey up the middle, so that I could retain the neckline, and not have to bind around that part of the singlet.  I used one of my existing singlets as my guide.

Then all I did was sew the two side seams (in fact I was so lazy that I just zigzagged up them).  I have an overlocker that a wonderful friend kindly lent me, but that is a whole other post.
Once I had done the side seams, I measured along the strap/armhole bit and then bound the raw edges.  I used cotton ribbing because a) it doesn't fray, which means I don't have to do any fancy binding and folding thing, and b) I have oddles (thank you spellcheck, its a real word) of it.
One woollen singlet finished and very wearable.  It doesn't look all that flash, but since I only want to wear it under clothes, I don't really care.  To be honest, it is so snuggly, I wonder how I managed to make do without one before.  I'll do a tutorial for one when I get the chance to make another.  P and J were not in the mood for photos while I sewed this together.  In fact my sewing in general has been hampered by J's recent obsession with pins.  Is it a bad thing when your 18month old finds pins and brings them to you?

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