Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Art slump

My project this week is supposed to be Art.  But I've hit an art block.  My giveaway post is here

 It all started with the records, and the idea to make really cool birds with them.  When I found the records so cheaply, it seemed like a sign that I should make this art.  Then I realised I needed a hot knife, so I bought one that wasn't terribly expensive.  And then I couldn't find any gas that would fit it.  You need to fill the hot knife with flammable gas (essentially the same as with a lighter), but we (DH and I) couldn't find any cannisters that had the right attachment for my hot knife, so it remains stubbornly unfilled.

Now it is sitting on a shelf, while the records sit in a pile in my bedroom and I am stuck.  I can't complete the artwork I wanted to, and I think I may have gone off the boil with the idea anyway, but I can't seem to move on from it to something else.  So now I am stuck, with an art idea that I can't move beyond.

I might see if I can find some other art at that place I go where I buy stuff (you know where I mean), or maybe some frames for the artworks I've already got.  But this is also fraught with issues - the only framing options seem to be prohibitively expensive, or cheap and ill fitting.

Maybe I'll just spend all week immersed in my Art history books instead.

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