Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nappies again

My project this week is nappies.  I have a sister in law, and a very good friend having babies soon, and both of them want to use cloth.  So I'm going to make a couple of nappies for them, some lovely little ones.  I'll be using the Wee Weka pattern, which I've blogged about before, because its just such a great small nappy in terms of fit and ease of use.  I also have to re elasticate a number of J's nappies.  They were P's nappies, and the elastic has gone on a number of them around the legs and back.  Given the constant washing and wearing, its not really a surprise so I hope to get onto that this week as well.  However, the girls are still a little under the weather so it may be a case of less, rather than more, sewing.

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