Monday, January 31, 2011

Pocket nappy

It occurred to me after my post last week, that I should probably explain what I meant when I talk about pocket and fitted nappies.  A pocket nappy has a waterproof outer layer, and a stay dry inner layer.  You then stuff an absorbent layer in between them.  The wee weka nappy can be used as a pocket nappy, and I made this one using the wee weka small/medium pattern.  

It has yellow PUL on the outside, and a lovely print microfleece on the inside.

I have made a few modifications to the pattern.  I prefer to have an envelope opening rather than a back opening in the nappy.  To do this, I don't cut out the back casing that is part of the pattern.  Instead I cut two pieces of microfleece, the second piece overlapping the first a little bit.  I often turn the edge of the microfleece over to make a hem, but it isn't strictly necessary since microfleece doesn't fray.  Its a good idea to machine baste the two pieces of microfleece together before sewing the PUL and microfleece.  Because of the envelope opening, you can sew all the way around the nappy.  Just attach the back elastic in the same way as the leg elastic and turn it in the right way through the opening.  
The reason I use an envelope opening is that I find the inserts sit better in the nappy this way, and there is less risk of them poking out the back and leaking.  I find this especially handy when babies are very little and spending alot of time on their backs.  The downside is that you have to pull the wet/dirty insert out, whereas with a back opening it is possible to just shake the insert out of the nappy.

The other modification I have made to the wee weka pattern is to add a casing to the legs and back of the nappy.  After I have attached the elastic, I turn the nappy right way out and then sew a casing around the elasticated bits of the nappy.  I just like the way it looks, it has no other function.  The important thing is to make the casing wide enough so that it doesn't catch the elastic, and to stretch the nappy out as you sew.  I used a shiny yellow thread that DH gave me for Christmas, which looks really nice, although I am a little unsure about how it will wear.

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