Saturday, December 11, 2010

Silver Bells

I was supposed to be making Christmas decorations this week, but things took a bit of a difficult turn when I sprained my ankle at work.  For those who are interested, I was walking across a perfectly flat piece of carpet in my flattest shoes, and I rolled my ankle.  I am just incredibly grateful that I didn't break it.  For the last few days I have been sitting on the couch with my leg up, so my plans of making salt dough decorations with the girls did not come to pass.  However, I did find that sitting around was good for doing some hand sewing so I created these little felt decorations.

Its the first time I've attempted blanket stitch, and I'm quite pleased with the result, even if it is a little rough.

This was supposed to be a dove, but P declared it looked like a duck, and I have to agree with her, so it is our Christmas Duck.
J was also very taken with the duck, and spent quite alot of time cuddling it.

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