Saturday, December 4, 2010

Joy to the World

P and I left early this morning and went out to get our Christmas Tree.  We went and chose the tree, and then I chopped it down by myself.  We had to check out a few different trees before we decided on this one.  But when I got it home, it was too big for our house (its always better to go bigger though, you can always trim it down).  DH had to go to work so he said he would chop it down this evening.  I pointed out that I could do that, and he expressed scepticism that I would be able to carry the tree outside, saw through the trunk and carry the tree back inside again.  Little did he know my determination.  So after some very sweaty, hot minutes, I had the tree in just the right size for our living room.
 And because I had cut the tree a bit shorter, there were some smaller branches for P to use as a tree for herself.  I thought she might want to put it in her room, but she decided that it should go right beside the big tree.
 And here they are all decorated.  J's contribution was to put all the baubles in her mouth and then drop them into their container.  There is no angel on the big tree.  My family have a very old angel that takes pride of place at the top of their tree, and I haven't yet found the right one for my family.  I think that will be our project over the next couple of weeks.

After getting the tree and decorating it, I felt a great sense of not only accomplishment, but also of joy.  Christmas is a really important time of the year for me and my family, both because it is a great time for family and holidays, and also because Christmas is so significant for my faith.  I feel a sense of rightness with my life.

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