Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finger puppet friends

I made J some little finger puppets to go in her Christmas pillow case.  I was inspired by this idea, but it seemed a bit silly to make winter finger puppets in the middle of summer.  I eyeballed the pattern and came up with these four little ladies.

Aren't they just lovely?  I had an idea in my head that hand sewing was laborious and time consuming, which I think is a hangover from when I was a teenager, and anything that took more than five minutes was far too difficult.  But when I sat down to make these finger puppets I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and it was, and how quickly they came together.  It just goes to show that my idea of time consuming has changed significantly since I was younger.  They were actually much faster to make than knitting something up. 

Now also seems like a good time to mention the blog that the Winter finger puppets came from, Adirondack Mama.  This is one of several blogs that I've started following since discovering Rhythm of the home, and I'm really enjoying it, definitely worth checking out.

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