Monday, November 8, 2010

The point of blogging

So I've hit a bit of a blogging slump since the highs of blogtoberfest.  And it made me wonder what the point of blogging about my life is? Does it matter if no one reads my posts? And how to I judge the value of my blog? By my followers? Pageviews? Comments?

Tell me, oh internet community, what you find worthwhile about my blog.  (If this all seems a little deep for a Monday morning, I should point out that J woke at 4.40am this morning so I find myself a little spacey this morning)


  1. Hi Mummyzilla! My name is Jessica and I just stumbled upon your blog through KiwiMummyblogs. (Im a swede married to a kiwi and about to move to N.Z so trying to get into kiwi mode by reading nz blogs.)
    Well, I think blogging is a great way of charing information and inspiration! And as for your blog, it seems a great place for craft inspiration! I only just started reading here, but I will come back! And Im not sure that you can value a blog by followers, pageviews or comments as most people DONT comment blogs, but still really enjoy reading them. Okidoke, just a few thoughts... Good luck with it!

  2. I'm very intereste in your bogs. I also am a 'mostly' SAHM, with 2 kids, boys. I love sewing, craft, needlework, embroidery.... I'm a full-blown gramma before my time. :o)


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