Monday, January 14, 2013

Felt food swap

 Here are the lovely felt food that I received in the swap I took part in in December.  We got some very cool pizza slices with cheese and felt bits to make our own pizzas with.

 Very cool sushi.  This also came with a pair of chopsticks, and a little fish soy sauce bottle.  I couldn't find all the other cool bits that came with this because P and J were too busy playing with them.  I did catch J frying the fish on her toy oven the other day.

 A family of gingerbread people,

And the cheese, tomato and lettuce to go with the bread.  Check out A softer footprint for other photos of the swap (plus fabulous sentiment that I entirely agree with).

The girls loved all the felt food that they got from Father Christmas, it was the (happy) surprise hit of their Christmas presents.  I got such a kick out of how much fun they had with all their food.  It really does show that kids don't need fancy, or expensive toys, or ones that 'do' heaps of things.  The joy of making their own food from these simply crafted toys was wonderful to watch.

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